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Honeycomb provides access to premier brands and category-defining concepts. We are elevating the standard of health and wellness, cultivating a collaborative and communal experience for members to optimize their body and mind.


Push Physical Boundaries

Functional fitness concepts in high intensity interval training, strength, combat, endurance and personal training


Enhance Performance

Ice baths, infrared and traditional sauna, cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, physical therapy, yoga & stretch


Customize Wellness

Biomarker analysis and optimization, genetic testing, hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, nutrition consultations, weight loss, and body composition


Flow into Relaxation

Massage, acupuncture, IV Drips, NAD+ Therapy


Fortify from the Inside Out

Access to healthy gourmet meals and snacks designed by nutritionists


Engage with Community

VIP Lounge and locker room access, co-working spaces, private events with industry leading speakers and thought leaders

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